Sunday, April 6, 2008

Internet Law For Websites and Webmasters.


Very, very simple question for you:

Do you own or run a website?

If you answered yes, here's another simple question for you:

Did you know that there is a 95% chance that you are a criminal?



Now, nobody is accusing you of burglary, or murder, or any other heinous "crimes".

BUT.............The law is very clear, that anyone who breaks any law or laws, commits a crime. (true, stating the obvious...but, keep reading.....)

Yes, in the eyes of the law, you are a criminal no matter how "trivial" or "inconsequential" your violation may be, or seem to be. (that seemingly "no biggie" can get you in worlds of trouble!)

Let that sink in for a second..........tic tock.....tic tock........

OK, times up.

Jokes aside here's the scoop. The internet might be a land of free expression and ideas, but it is also UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF THE LAW.

In simple terms, if your website violates or breaks any of those laws, you are in literal fact committing a crime....thus you are a criminal.

Maybe it's not the vile acts seen on the nightly news, BUT, nevertheless, these transgressions CAN get you in SERIOUS trouble and can carry some severe penalties!

Admittedly, the first question was posed in a way to get your attention....but the message here is very serious.

There are certain items that MUST appear on your it a commercial site, or even one for personal use...for the said site to be in compliance with the internet laws.

STOP! Go back and re-read that last statement. Seriously, do it.

If your site does not have these things:

#1) you are breaking the law...obviously...BUT, it's #2 that should perk your attention...

#2) you can face some UGLY penalties. (yes, you can go to jail!)

Fortunately, the good news is that you can BULLETPROOF your site in less than an hour with Shawn Casey's Internet Law Compliance System.

Shawn Casey is well known and respected in the internet marketing circles.

BUT, Shawn is also an attorney with extensive and specialized knowledge specifically in the area of internet law.

He has created and compiled a full turnkey package that you can implement on your site RIGHT KNOW, should you choose to do so.

Shawn's Internet Law Compliance package contains:
  • ALL of the forms...already drafted...and ready for inclusion into your site.
  • Complete PDF files with the same duplicates in word format for custom editing.
  • 113 page book explaining EVERYTHING about why you need certain forms, and full details of each subsection as well.
  • The FDA report...if you're marketing anything regulated by these guys...YOU NEED THIS!
  • The VAT report...what? Very, Very crucial if you market worldwide, especially in the European Union
  • Much, much more......take a look at Shawn's site, he explains it all thoroughly.

Do yourself a favor. If you own, or operate a website, take 5 minutes and read Shawn's site.

He explains the how, when, and why much better than this little post.

You will understand the gravity of NOT being legally compliant. Hey, I bet that you...yes you...reading this post, are a decent hard working, law abiding citizen.

Don't risk getting tagged for something that is SO easy to avoid.

Remember, these type of transgressions might not be "sexy" enough for the evening news...

BUT, they have teeth...and CAN land you in prison!

Recall the old cliche..."ignorance of the law is no excuse."

Are you looking for that kind of trouble?

....Didn't think so!

Discover how to comply with all FTC rules in just